Nestled just South of William Land Park and just West of the Sacramento River, South Land Park has become a favorite neighborhood for those wanting to remain within close proximity to Downtown Sacramento, but who are looking for a little more space in their home and yard.

There are two main neighborhoods within South Land Park – South Land Park Terrace and South Land Park Hills. The Terrace was predominantly built in the 1950’s, with custom sprawling Ranch style homes on large lots. South Land Park Hills was developed a little later in the 1960’s and features a few more contemporary homes, Eichler being a prime example, along with the more traditional Ranch style home.

Low rolling hills gives this neighborhood a relaxing neighborly feel. Residents enjoy bringing their canine companions to the centrally located Partner Dog Park or to browse through classic and modern books alike at the Belle Cooledge library. With only three shopping centers in this large neighborhood, there is a prevalence of residential properties, without limiting access to local favorite coffee shops, restaurants, or groceries. Easy access to Interstate 5 makes this a convenient place to commute to and from work.

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