Campus commons is located in the city of Sacramento and is bordered by Howe Avenue, Fair Oaks Boulevard, and the American River. Known as one of the area’s premier luxury communities, Campus Commons boasts a great location close to downtown, shopping, great schools, and so much more. Campus Commons was developed by Robert Powell in the 1970’s and is comprised of condos, townhomes, and detached residences. All combined, there are about 1,160 homes in the community which spans approximately 680 acres. Explore Campus Commons and you will find miles of paved paths, tennis courts, ponds, clubhouses, swimming pools, spas, greenbelt areas, and access to the American River Parkway.

Campus Commons is split into two separate communities, The Villages of Campus Commons and Nepenthe Association. There are six villages in the Villages of Campus Commons, and they are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10. Each village, or homeowners’ association, is run individually by its own board of directors and is professionally managed by a homeowners association management company. With the autonomy of separate management, each village has its own set of CC&R’s and dues schedule. Although all of the village HOA’s provide some level of maintenance coverage, they do not all cover the same things. The common areas such as pools, clubhouse, tennis courts, ponds and gym are managed by Campus Commons Park Corporation which is funded by a percentage of the HOA dues from each of the six villages.

The second Community in Campus Commons is the Nepenthe Association. The Nepenthe Association is a separate homeowners association encompasses all of the Nepenthe homes. The Nepenthe Association offers its own clubhouse, pools, tennis courts, and other recreational areas.

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